An Impulsive, Last-Minute Weekend Trip to Anchorage

What happens when I have a wide-open long weekend, $1,300 in United eCertificates, and the desire to not do the same-old, same-old in DC?

Why, I book an impulsive trip to Alaska for the weekend, of course!

A previous expedition to Alaska

A previous expedition to Alaska

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while, as the fare has been out there for a bit.  But I finally pulled the trigger on things last night.  There’s a pretty nice deal on United and other carriers right now to Anchorage, Alaska that I found thanks to The Flight Deal.  Now, I wouldn’t normally just blow that amount of money to go to Alaska for a couple days on a random weekend, but like I said, I have a pile of United “play money” that I’ve acquired as compensation for mishaps here and there.  There was also plenty of “upgrade-able” space available on flights to Anchorage this weekend, which I figured would be a good use for a couple of my Regional Premier Upgrades.

As a result, I’ll be making my third trip to Alaska — but this time, it’s not by cruise ship.

I’ll be leaving for Anchorage on Friday morning from Washington-Reagan airport via Chicago.  My flight will arrive into Anchorage early Friday afternoon, and I will be there all weekend until my return flight on Sunday evening.  It’ll be a red-eye flight back to Chicago, and then on to DC first thing Monday morning.

My upgrades to first class cleared on all segments, so I’ll be comfortable as possible.  United is also operating B737-800s with DirectTV and Power Ports on all segments too (as of now), so that’s a major win.  Staying in the major win category — this sequence of flights will allow me to achieve United Premier 1K Status — United’s top achievable frequent flyer status!!!

The path of my journey

The path of my journey

Though I’ve been to Alaska many times, I have not gotten the chance to spend much time in Anchorage.  I’ll probably spend some time on a hike in nearby Chugach State Park, as I don’t think I have the time or the money to do a quick trip to Denali.  Maybe I’ll go fishing, or fight a brown bear with my bare hands… everything is on the table!  A meal of halibut and chips is definitely in the works, that’s for sure.

So, I’ll ask you– the reader… what should I do with two days in Anchorage?

6 Thoughts on “An Impulsive, Last-Minute Weekend Trip to Anchorage

  1. Debbie Ryan on August 15, 2013 at 4:52 pm said:

    Hey – HOw do we get to see the comments you recieve or do we? Just like to see others reaction to your posts and cant figure out how to do that. You should ask LAurie what to do … THey have gone to Anchorage alot and done the ground stuff and she used to live there….she always has tons of suggestions….email here and ask her. She has lots of contacts to do some neat things….

    • When you comment, check the box below the comment box labeled “Notify me of new posts via email.”

      That should to the trick… I think.

  2. Laurie Cohen on August 15, 2013 at 5:05 pm said:

    Rent a car, head to Alyeska Resort( a few miles past Chugach), take the aerial tram…have lunch and a beer or two! It’s a ski resort but also beautiful at this time of year. Great views.

    • Thanks! I’ll look into the rental car thing. I do know there are some other ways to get to Alyeska, and I’ll look into those too!

  3. Philip on August 15, 2013 at 5:18 pm said:

    If you go to Aleyeska, let me know how it is. I’ve been wanting to plan a ski trip there, but can’t seem to get past the Rockies.

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